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What Are Camgirls & What Do They Actually Do?

While browsing the Internet, have you ever seen an advert or website featuring ‘camgirls’ and wanted to know what it entails? Several women will take no notice of this term and simply continue their online journey, but those who do pay attention could open themselves up to a lucrative career opportunity.

Our aim here at Strictly Models is to help girls start working on webcam so they can earn impressive sums of money almost instantaneously. But what exactly is a camgirl? And if you decide to be one, what sort of thing will you be doing?

What are camgirls?

Camgirls are female models that broadcast live videos of themselves over the internet. They are involved in the adult industry and earn money by performing seductive or sexual acts on webcams from their home or in a studio to an audience of chatroom users.

Although camgirls will often charge a fixed fee per minute, they also ask for tips in exchange for a user’s particular request, such as stripping or dancing. Most chatrooms display a tipper leaderboard, with the most generous viewers being listed among the camgirl’s favourites. Users pay with virtual tokens, which each website will convert into their own country’s currency. Camgirl websites also take a cut of the earnings before distributing to its performers.

There are thousands of camgirls all over the world, the vast majority of which thoroughly enjoy their work and take it very seriously. In terms of earnings, some models can generate up to £1000 for just 4 hours of work in front of the camera. However, it often takes time and dedication to get to this stage.

What do camgirls actually do?

Unlike other performers in the adult industry, camgirls typically work independently and in a safe place. Most models do not associate with the term ‘pornstar’ either, as the experience is a lot more personable, intimate, and real.

Camgirls will make use of a room at home or in a studio to broadcast from. They typically wait for viewers and tips to build up before performing. In the meantime, they aim to encourage viewers to stick around and will provide additional entertainment for more money.

While most models will usually accept or reject requests from viewers, others focus on a particular niche or fetish. As long as you are happy and comfortable performing, there are virtually no limitations to what you could do. Thankfully, most chatrooms have moderators standing by that can block inappropriate users or even report their behaviour if it crosses the line.

What else do you need to know about camgirls?

Camgirls that work for legitimate websites don’t have to worry about their identities, as strict controls are in place. Most models don’t get strangers coming up to them in the street either.

If you are interested in becoming a camgirl, don’t be fooled into thinking you will get rich quick. Several models work hard to build up a reputation for themselves and will dedicate several hours to promotion and publicity.

Even so, becoming a camgirl represents an opportunity to achieve financial freedom while having a great deal of fun at the same time.

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