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    As a new model your profile will be posted on the new models board, but only for a few weeks , therefore its very important at this stage for a model to capitalise on this ,so this is the time that should be spent building up your regular client base which will hold you in good stead for your future modelling career . This client base that you build up now can then be added to along the way after that , as the more loyal members that you are able to build up ensures that you will have plenty of opportunities to vastly increase your earnings.

    The different types of things that are very important to help your business and for you to build up a regular client base are to try to stick to going live on cam at regular and consistent times and some models like to post their working hours on their profile.If you can sometimes work extra hours then thats fine and this will also help
    boost your earnings.

    Its important to connect with your members individually and to make them feel special and well catered for , showing and letting your fun and great personality out will also help to keep your regular members coming back to see you.

    Try to be comfortable and relaxed once that you are live on cam and enjoy your performing time and then this will also allow your members to relax and enjoy your company also thus
    spending much more time in your chatroom with you.

    Create your enjoys list to your liking on your profile and allow yourself to be comfortable speaking about these

    Create your enjoys list to your liking on your profile and allow yourself to be comfortable speaking about these subjects with your members, remember you are only talking about these things and you do not have to like doing them in real life.

    Creating different role-plays and fulfilling your customers fantasies are also a key part to being a more successful cam model, having a nice selection of clothes shoes and lingerie adds to the glamour of your performance and will make you and your member feel more special, and therefore much more fun and enjoyable.

    Its best to try and also treat this a business and therefore have some structure to it and be as organised as you possibly can. This will help you to always be in control of your overall attitude towards webcam modelling.

    Create some fantasy and role plays such as air stewardess, french maids, naughty secretary and night club dress outfits to wear to spice things up a bit. If you are comfortable with sex toys then this can also spice things up and be more interesting . Just always remember that its important to talk to your members and ask them questions to get them thinking and engaging with you. Some of your members will just be quite happy talking to you and getting to know you which will also keep them wanting to come back another time and see you.

    Most webcam models can overlook these important points and are less likely to build up that all important initial client base. Add anything else that you think will enhance your business and don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas as some will work and others will not but it all adds to the experience of finding your way in the work of being a successful webcam model .

    Most of your customers would much prefer to have human interaction and chat with you , this will entice them to spend more time and money in your chatroom and are more liable to keep
    coming back to see you as they get to know you better and like your personality . This will help to create and build up a loyal following which will be the foundation blocks to your stable client base.

    Sometimes you will encounter clients that are into fetishes or certain things that you may not be into , but try to have an open mind and a working professional attitude towards this when this type of situation happens , as your members will be more comfortable with you if you show them understanding and interest in their subjects that they like, so let them speak about it and make some nice comments back to them.

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