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    How will I know if someone wants to webcam chat with me?

    As long as your screen says ‘Connected to server ready’ it means you are all set up and all you need to do is wait to hear the sound of MONEY.

    You will hear a cash register type of sound go ‘Ka-ching’ (Make sure your sound is on on your laptop/PC)

    A box will appear in the middle of the screen asking you to accept a call from the members username, it will also state what type of chat they want (group chat or private chat – if they want group chat please be aware more members can enter the room at anytime, if it is a private chat the call will be between you and them only)

    As soon as you click accept the member will be able to see you and you will be earning your set rates for rather group or private chat.
    Just have fun and enjoy yourself☺

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