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Earn money as a webcam model with your clothes on!

What is webcam modelling?

Want to know earn money as a webcam model? Webcam modelling is a legal business in the U.K and webcam modelling agencies like StrictlyModels offer models the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world, without ever having to take their clothes off in front of the camera, unless they want to. Yes, you read that right! A webcam model doesn’t have to bare all to get paid to perform online, in fact at StrictlyModels we encourage our models to keep their clothes on for as long as possible.

What do webcam models do?

So, what do webcam models do? and how do you earn money as a webcam model in front of the camera to earn significant amounts of money? For the most part, our models just talk to members on the live webcam sites/adult networks that we operate on. Most members are often bored, lonely, single or have personal problems or fetishes that they cannot talk about to the people they know, because they fear being judged. Therefore, members contact cam models who listen to them, embrace who they are and also encourage them to adopt a more relaxed attitude to life and their fantasies.

Social interaction vs stripping

Contrary to popular belief there are many men out there who are looking for the social interaction aspect over the actual nudity which they can access for free on porn sites, so a webcam model can make good money by just flirting on camera without actually stripping. Your role is to become their confidante, their friend or even their therapists, and the more optimistic, happy, interested and adaptable you are, the more money you will make.

What can the models earn

Our models earn between £500 – £1000 a week and after gaining some experience, you can earn even more. In order to achieve success as a webcam model you need to be 100% committed to camming and also be willing to put in the hours working online. Conversations between you and members are 100% confidential and no one else has access to them or to the video images that you share. The more you talk to your members or your regulars, the more money you can make. StrictlyModels as well as the adult networks that we operate on also allow you to check how much credits you have earned to reassure you that we are both transparent and fair.

What to talk about

Talks between webcam models and their customers are based on topics that genuinely interest both parties, as well as sex. As a model, you can choose the people who you’re going to interact with and lead the discussion towards your desired theme. At StrictlyModels we offer FREE training to our webcam models on how to stage movement, how to act and how to ask Socratic/leading questions in order to turn our cam girls into modern day geishas who can satisfy any client’s need without having to undress.

Our webcam models do not have to be beauty queens, but they do need to have a warm personality and a pleasant appearance. If you meet these criterions, you are likely to not only to reach financial independence, but improve your confidence in the process. So, try to keep your interaction with your members fun and relaxed, because even though you’re not taking your clothes off, you should still be as teasing as possible. This will give your clients an incentive to keep tipping and coming back for more.


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